Spring Break Girls Flashing

Each year, the future of America migrates south right after mid-term exams for an all-out drunken orgy we call Spring Break. You won’t believe some of these outrageous and unbelievable antics! The wet T-shirt contest is a cornerstone of Spring Break. This event allows even the classiest coeds the avenue to let it all hang out. The crowd cheers “Show Your Tits!… Show Your Bush!!… Eat Her Out!!!”… and the girls don’t let the chanting crowd down! Fortunately for all of us, we keep our cameras rolling from front row center! We take you on a ride that will make you jerk back from your screen to avoid getting wet as the girls are hosed down. Then, you’ll inch closer and swear that you can almost smell the scent of the girls about to sit on top of you!!

For more information, contact Jim@teamtampa.com.

Please visit www.ClubFlashers.com